What else can you use a turkey fryer for?  

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What else can you use a turkey fryer for?

A turkey fryer is a serious investment for any cook. So, using it only once a year raises questions on the budget availability. Thus, many people raise questions that can turkey fryers be part of your weekly frying routine? Is there anything else that you can use a turkey fryer for?

Well, as it turns out, there are tons of things that can be done with a Tukey fryer. Here in this article, we’ll provide you with the basics guide of using a turkey fryer for cooking apart from turkey and will give our top ten list of alternatives for this amazing piece of equipment!

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What is Turkey Frier?

A turkey fryer is a large pot or electric deep fryer used primarily for cooking turkeys. According to the American Oil Chemists’ Society, one gallon of oil absorbs almost 2,000 BTUs during frying. This means that an average-sized turkey (about 12 pounds) would absorb almost 24,000 BTUs! The total cooking time can range from three to four minutes per pound for an unstuffed bird and two to three minutes per pound for a stuffed bird at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

While there are many sizes available on the market, most home models come with either a five or 10-gallon capacity which will conveniently fit up to an 18lb. turkey. A good-sized propane burner sits on the bottom of the pot and can be adjusted to control the heat output.

Types of Turkey Fryer

There are mainly 4 types of turkey fryers available on the market: electric, propane, stovetop, and outdoor gas operated. Each type has its own benefits and disadvantages as listed below-


Pros: Easy to use; no need for attaching it to a source of fuel.

Cons: Heating takes time (most models take about 45 minutes to reach operational temperature). Some models may not able to maintain desired frying temperatures.   


Pros: Quickly reaches operational temperature; great for large-scale cooking.

Cons: Require additional equipment (propane tank); may emit hazardous fumes.        

Stove Top

Pros: Cheap to use; great for small-scale cooking.

Cons: May not be able to maintain controls over oil temperature if the stove is older or has an obstructed flame path. Not very safe due to being near open flame.            


Pros: Eco friendly; no need for electric power source; can easily fry a turkey even at a large scale.

Cons: Newer models are relatively expensive and might require you to hire a professional installer/dealer to set it up and make sure it is working properly (this cost will be eliminated if you opt for a natural gas model). If using propane, you will need to buy extra equipment for the system.  

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How to use Turkey fryer apart from cooking Turkey

Here are some important steps that one must keep in mind when using this equipment to cook apart from turkey.

1) Always use the fryer pot with a lid.

2) Make sure that the burner is not underwater while frying (it may cause damage to the equipment). Ensure that there is no debris or grease in it before usage.

3) Pre-heat your oil for at least ten minutes before you put anything into it (except when cooking french fries). This will ensure even heat distribution and efficient frying results.

4) Keep checking all fryers throughout the cooking process. If any of them are unstable, turn them off immediately; this will help prevent accidents or injuries resulting from unsafe conditions!

5) Be careful when using common utensils like tongs, forks, etc… while using an electric model because these mechanisms can cause the internal wiring to short.

6) If using a propane-powered model, always remember to place it on a flat and level surface and attach the regulator hose with the cylinder valve firmly. Additionally, you must always keep them out of reach of children.

7) Keep all pets away from fryers as they can easily burn themselves or even pull overheat-sensitive equipment (this will cause severe damage).

8) After usage, make sure that you wait until all hot surfaces have cooled before touching any part of your turkey fryer.

9) Never leave your turkey fryer operating unattended; ensure that everyone at home knows what to do in case of an emergency!

10) Always clean your fryer after every usage. Never keep leftover food in it, clean it with water and dish soap, dry it completely before putting it away.

Here is a list of our top picks of Alternatives that can be cooked using Turkey frier

Deep Fry Your Favorite Foods

 We all know deep-frying is awesome but why limit yourself? This home appliance will cook almost anything that you want in oil or fat – veggies, fruit like plantains and apples, shrimp scampi, or donuts. It’s also great for items that typically take long periods of time and come out soggy or overcooked like chicken wings and french fries. Try them with a drop of truffle oil for a delicious treat!

Cheese Fondue

 Who says you need those tiny fondue pots? The turkey fryer will do the job in no time and give you plenty of room to cook your favorite items. Serve it over pierogies, mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, or even steak!

Steamed Lobsters

Steamers are great but they require constant attention and the smallest distraction can mean disaster – that’s why we prefer to use our turkey fryers instead and get perfect batches every time. Just remember to use the basket as these little monsters have been known to jump at their death.

OIL-FREE Steamed Veggies

Why drain all that oil when you can cook everything in the turkey fryer? You will still get that nice golden color and tasty snappy veggies. Try broccoli, cauliflower, carrots – it’s best with a healthy amount of salt and pepper after cooking!

Lobster Bisque

This may not be an obvious choice but we find there are two reasons to use this method: 1) The texture is amazing – make your lobster bisque like your favorite restaurant 2) It makes doing dishes easier! Just throw out the shells and rinse the pot.

Soap Making

We know it sounds weird but it’s true! You can make homemade glycerin soap with a turkey frier – no need to use the stovetop and potentially ruin your favorite kitchen gadget. This is an excellent way to reuse leftover fats and oils.

MELTING Chocolate

It’s not just for churros anymore, you can actually melt chocolate in your turkey fryer. Just be careful you don’t burn any of it, watch it closely or you might have some bitter-tasting chocolate on your hands!

Roasting Coffee Beans

 It may sound unusual but coffee beans can be roasted at home with little effort. Turkey Fryers are great for making small batches that will leave you with tasty results comparable to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. You can do this with your favorite flavored beans for an aromatic treat!

Deep Fried Thanksgiving

Why not? It’s a turkey fryer after all, so why not deep fry the whole Thanksgiving meal? We have done it before and it was delicious! Just remember to soak everything in saltwater for at least 24 hours in the fridge – you don’t want any tainted flavors ruining your sweet potatoes!

Making Soup

There are many different types of soup that can be made using a double boiler method, where you place a heat-resistant bowl over simmering water to cook the ingredients slowly. A turkey fryer gives you perfect results every time without burning anything or having to monitor it constantly, just place the pot inside and let it go!

After reading this article you may have noticed that cooking fish was not mentioned in any part of this post. so a question may arise that can you not cook a fish in a turkey fryer?? Here is its answer

Can you cook Fish in a Turkey fryer?

Yes, you can cook fish in a turkey fryer, but make sure to use fresh fish or you will end up with an oil-fried oily mess. And also make sure the size of your fish is 10 pounds maximum, otherwise, you may have trouble getting them out of the grease safely because oil heats up extremely fast. And never put too much fish in the fryer at one time because they won’t cook evenly that way either!  

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many uses for your turkey fryer that go far beyond the standard fried turkey. From making soup to melting chocolate – It’s like having a second kitchen! And who doesn’t like more kitchen gadgets? If anything it will provide hours of entertainment and give you something new to do this winter.

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