Can you use a deep fryer without the basket?

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Can you use a deep fryer without the basket?

Deep fryers have now become a staple in a lot of modern kitchens. It is a special kind of pot that can be used for cooking fast food and fried dishes that are crispy on the outside yet moist and tender on the inside. Deep fryers have now been designed with basket holders so you can load them with meat, fish or vegetables to cook as well as dispose of them easily once they are done cooking.

With the increasing use of deep fryers, most people are questioning whether they can use a deep fryer without the basket?

Yes, you can use an air fryer without the cooking basket. If you just need it for heating or storing food, though, you may use an air fryer with no basket. Keep in mind that if you block the airflow around your air fryer, excess fat will accumulate inside. If the airflow is obstructed, your food will not cook evenly. This advice also applies to bucket-style air fryers. If you’re not sure what type of air fryer you have, please do some research on your own.

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Why would you want to use your air fryer without the basket?

Many people wrote in wanting to make a larger meal that would not fit in the air fryer. Because they are traditionally tiny, space is frequently an issue for air fryer users.

People also want to use a different cooking pan or utensil on occasion to cook a certain cuisine better. If you wish to do so, just be sure the cookware is oven safe. You don’t want your dinner ruined by cookware that fractures or cracks throughout preparation!

Is it safe to use an air fryer without the basket?

Bear in mind that this advice is for bucket-style air fryers, which are the most popular type. These are the air fryers with a basket (as shown above) by default to keep your food contained.

Yes, It is safe to use your air fryer without its standard cooking basket, as long as you’re aware of one important thing.

Airflow is a critical thing. The fact that an air fryer can circumnavigate the compartment and circulate hot air around makes it work and cook food well. If you stop or obstruct air circulation, your air fryer’s performance will be severely hampered, perhaps to the point of being unusable.

This is why the air fryer’s cooking basket is positioned above the bottom of the device. In fact, if you examine the basket when it is inside the air fryer, you will notice that there is still room on all sides of it.

So, whatever you use instead of the basket, make sure it doesn’t obstruct airflow.

What are two safety rules for using a deep fryer?

Two essential safety precautions are necessary when using any kind of deep fryer.

First, never fill the oil reservoir too high with cooking oil. This is a frequent mistake of people who are new to deep-frying. When you overfill the oil reservoir, the level will rise too high during cooking and risk spilling out. If this happens, there is a chance that it could cause quite an unfortunate fire hazard.

Second, wait for the cooking oil to reach its ideal temperature before putting food in. If you do not, there is a chance that your food will be soggy and undercooked. Bear in mind that different foods come with their own cooking times, so it’s advisable to consult an online recipe or use an air fryer cookbook.

Tips for using basketless Deep fryers

Tip # 1 – Select the right food

When you are deep frying foods in a basketless air fryer, make sure to pick foods that do not need much time to cook. If you must use something like potatoes (which take about 20 minutes to cook), cut them into small enough pieces that they will cook quickly.

Tip # 2 – Fry in small batches

You should not be filling your deep fryer with too much food at once. This is very important to remember when using a basketless deep fryer because it can cause problems with the circulation of hot oil around the food inside. When the oil’s heat level drops, you may not get an even browning or cooking on your foods. You could end up having raw potatoes while their tops are burnt–not very appetizing! So, always try to keep frying times down to under 5 minutes per batch!

Tip # 3 – Keep cool!

This last tip might sound strange, but it’s also one of the most important ones. Many people who use deep fryers (even with their basket) end up having hot oil spatter or splatter out of the unit. If this carries over onto your skin, you could end up with painful blisters that are more than just an inconvenience!

To avoid these dangers, make sure to keep some ice cubes on hand at all times. Place them in a bowl and set them right below the fryer’s heat sensor so that they will start melting after 5 minutes or so of cooking.

When you see steam coming from the top of the device, it means that whatever is inside has finished cooking. Allow it to sit for another minute before lifting off its lid so that any excess oil can drip back into the reservoir. Then, using a towel or dry frying mitts, carefully lift the bowl’s contents and dump them into a trash bag for safe disposal.

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How to clean your deep fryer?

Ideally, you should let your deep fryer cool down completely before trying to clean it out. This will make sure that any remaining oil goes back into the reservoir. However, if this is not possible (or you feel like cleaning right away), there are several easy steps you can take:

  1. Pour some water and dish soap into the device and run it through its normal cycle one more time. This will help dissolve away surface fat oils that might be stuck onto the pan inside;
  2. Next, take a sponge soaked with warm water and wipe down all surfaces of the unit;
  3. After everything has dried, you can then run it through one more cycle with just plain water to help prevent the oil’s stale smell from seeping back into your food!
  4. For more in-depth cleaning, you can try to soak the pan inside with soapy water and let it sit for a few hours before scrubbing it with a brush. This should remove ALL of the hardened-on stains from previous uses.
  5. Finally, simply wipe down all surfaces one last time with a damp towel—and you’re ready to start frying!

Can you use a deep fat fryer with the lid on?

For safety reasons, DO NOT use a deep fat fryer while the lid is on. This is because when you cover a deep fryer while it’s heating up, all of the hot air will accumulate within the device which runs the risk of overheating and catching fire. These are very rare cases but they can happen, so please keep this in mind.

It should be noted that you can close the lid on an air fryer when it is turned off and not in use, but never when it is cooking or heating up.

There are the following benefits of using the lid of air fryers:

Helps to save electricity

As it uses a forced convection system, therefore you don’t need to heat the entire kitchen while cooking a small amount of food (1 or 2 servings) in it.

The aroma and flavors remain inside the device which is beneficial for your health as well as taste buds. There are various models where you can apply a pressure lock system to make sure that none of the smell escapes out.

Much Cleaner Fryer

Prevents the formation of moisture on the outside surface of your kitchen appliances like ovens or microwaves. This also helps them stay cleaner & last longer. If you wish, you could use aluminum foil under the lid to catch any drippings that might fall down when cooking with an air fryer.

Best Alternatives To Air Fryer Basket

So, if you have been wondering what are the alternatives to air fryer baskets? And what can be used in place of it so that you aren’t left with a dirty mess to clean after the user experience has been ruined by your air fryer’s lack of accessories?

A steamer would be perfect for this job. Alternatively, you could use bamboo steamers. These steamers are commonly used in most Asian homes and restaurants to prepare a variety of dishes like fish, prawns, potatoes, etc. They come in different shapes & sizes; round or square-shaped baskets with handles on top which make them easy to remove from the pan when required.


In short, if you have been wondering what are the alternatives to air fryer baskets? It is a must for you to get yourself accessories set that consists of a steamer pot and a steam rack. These two kitchen tools combined together will replace your deep fryer’s basket, so you can use it safely without any safety hazard or accident.

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