Can dogs eat pizza crust? The answer might surprise you

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  • Date: May 19, 2022
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Can dogs eat pizza crust?

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s no wonder that this classic dish is one of America’s favorites. But what about our furry friends? Can dogs eat pizza crusts?

Most experts agree that it isn’t a good practice to regularly feed your dog with pizza crust. It is because dogs are carnivorous, hence their bodies are designed to eat meat instead of bread or any vegetable. But yes, if you feed dogs pizza crust once in a month or so as it’s not harmful to them.

We have so much to discuss in this blog post about dogs eating behavior and so on.

Let’s begin!

Do all dogs show the same eating behavior?

No; it depends on the breed, size, and age of your dog. Bigger breeds usually can’t eat too much food because their stomachs are smaller than smaller dogs. But certain medium-sized and big dogs can eat a lot if they want to.

There are many breeds of dogs. According to AKC, there are more than 190 breeds of dogs in the World. So eating behavior of each breed can vary. For example, chihuahuas and pugs eat slowly than other dogs such as Great Danes and Labradors because of their size.

Pomeranians and Poodles don’t have much appetite so they stay full without too much food.

6 ways you can feed your dog pizza crust safely

There are the following 10 ways you can feed your dog pizza crust safely:

1. Cut into small pieces

If you give your dog pizza crust in a large piece that is hard to chew, they may choke or suffer from an indigestion problem. So it’s better to cut the entire portion of a pizza into small enough pieces so your dog can easily chew and digest them.

2. Offer a portion of your dinner

Dog owners who want to share their food with dogs should offer a small portion of what they’re having for dinner. It’s better if you add some pizza crust into their bowl so that they won’t need much food or other things from the other side of the table.

3. Make it a fun experience

You can make your dog’s eating experience more interesting and joyful by cheering them up with praises, words of encouragement, or even a pet on their back. In this way, you’ll make the entire mealtime special for both of you!

4. Use a slow-feeder bowl

Slow-feeder bowls can be a great tool for slowing down your dog’s eating speed. As it takes time to eat the bowl, your pooch will enjoy their meal longer and feel full by taking in less food at a time.

5. Mix pizza crust with some kibble

You should know that dogs need more energy from carbohydrates than protein. That’s why you can give them some kibble along with a little portion of pizza crust after their meal.

6. Soak pizza crust in water

If your dog does have a sensitive stomach, try this trick.

Some dogs have a sensitive stomach and can’t eat food that is too hard or too soft. In such a case, you should soak the crust in water for 15 minutes before feeding it to them. Some owners also add warm water with some olive oil into the bowl when they put their dog’s portion of pizza crust in.

Reactions your dog can show after eating pizza crust

If your dog has eaten too much pizza crust or has allergies to food, your dog may have these reactions:

– Throwing up

If your dog throws up after eating pizza crust for a long time, it is not a good sign. It’s better if you see veterinary clinics as fast as possible because vomiting can be a result of some serious health problems such as pancreatitis, upset stomach, etc.

– Diarrhea and constipation

Some dogs show diarrhea and constipation after eating too much pizza crust or some other foods like raisins and chocolate. In such a case, you should call your veterinarian as soon as possible because it might be a result of an allergy.

– Heavy breathing

Sometimes dogs breathe heavily when they have eaten pizza crust or other foods. If your dog is breathing very hard after eating, you should take them to veterinary clinics because it might be a sign of some serious health problems such as hyperthermia, fear, etc.

– Discomfort and pain in the abdomen area

If your dog is showing signs of discomfort and pain in their abdomen area after eating too much pizza crust, you should pay attention to their pooping habits. If your dog has diarrhea and isn’t pooping for 24 hours, you should call veterinary clinics as soon as possible because it might be a sign of some serious health problems such as intestinal blockage or bowel perforation.

– Itchy skin

If your dog is suffering from rash and itching problems in its body after eating too much pizza crust, you should call your veterinarian because it might be a sign of some serious health problems such as canine atopy dermatitis, food allergy, etc.

Ingredients in a pizza crust that are unhealthy for your dog


Salt is a term used to describe a substance containing sodium and chloride ions in the same particle. Dogs need a small amount of salt in their diet, but too much salt can be dangerous for them because it causes hypernatremia.

Dogs can feel extremely thirsty because of an increase in blood pressure, and there’s also a chance for them to have seizures.


Yeast is a fungus that forms colonies often called ‘yeast organisms’. It’s used to make bread rise and the fermentation process of alcohol. There are also some health benefits for dogs like improving their digestive system, but there’s also yeast that can cause many problems for dogs such as allergies.

In some cases, yeast can be toxic for them.

Which human foods are safe for dogs?


Dogs can feel the sweetness of Stevia, but it’s not like sugar contains calories and risks for health problems. It’s even safe for diabetic dogs.


The good side of avocado is that it contains some fatty acids that help your dog to maintain their skin and coats healthy. The bad thing is that avocado contains persin. It’s a substance that can cause problems in the canine digestive system such as vomiting and diarrhea.


Dogs can use milk when they’re young, but once your dog becomes an adult, their intestines stop producing lactase so it can be dangerous for them to eat food containing milk or other dairy products.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a very good source of protein and many vitamins such as vitamin E. You should be careful when you give your dog peanut butter because it contains high levels of fat and salt, so you shouldn’t give them too much.


Fish is a good source of Vitamin D and Omega 3, but you should stay careful because some species can be dangerous for dogs such as tilapia.


Dogs love eating boiled chicken. If you add some mild sauce to it, they’ll love it even more. But there are some dangers when it comes to raw chicken.

You should remember that dog food has already been processed so it’s safe for your dog to eat it. On the other hand, raw chicken isn’t processed and it can cause many problems such as salmonella infection.

White rice

White rice isn’t as bad as you think. It contains some nutrients like Vitamin B, but it doesn’t contain too much fat or sugar that can be dangerous for your dog.

Plain popcorn

Dogs can eat plain popcorn, but not all kinds of popcorn are suitable for them.

Popcorn made from popping machines can be dangerous because it contains too much butter which is bad for their health.

Final Thoughts

So, can dogs eat pizza crust? In summary, dogs can eat pizza but not as their regular food. They must be fed it like a treat and that too if they like it. You can also make a customized pizza for dogs that fulfills their nutritional requirements.

It’s best to go to a veterinarian if your dog has an upset stomach after eating pizza crusts because the vomiting and diarrhea can be a sign of intestinal blockage or bowel perforation.

You should avoid feeding them certain ingredients such as salt, yeast, milk, butter, fish, and raw poultry chicken.

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