Can you use pizza crust yeast for bread?

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Can you use pizza crust yeast for bread?

Pizza crust yeast and bread yeast are two different types of yeast, but can they be used interchangeably?

Well, in most cases, you can use pizza crust yeast for bread. But only if you know how to interchange them properly.

This is a question that many people have asked, so let’s take a closer look at the difference between these yeasts and see if you can use one for the other. 

Let’s get started!

What is pizza yeast?

Pizza yeast, commonly used in pizzerias and bakeries, is a unique strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that yields a dough with minimal elasticity and maximum extensibility during proofing. The result is a crust that doesn’t shrink while the pizza bakes.

Both types of yeast are in the category of fungi, but pizza crust yeast is a specific type called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This type of yeast is often used for baking loaves of bread, pizzas, and pastries. Bread yeast, on the other hand, is a strain of Saccharomyces ellipsoids and is used to make beer and wine. 

What do we mean by bread?

Bread is made with flour, water, dead yeast cells (Saccharomyces), salt, and sometimes sugar.

Bread yeast is added to the mix to start off the fermentation process that allows the bread to rise. The proofing process usually takes one or two hours. Bread proofing time depends on temperature and humidity conditions.

7 Reasons why you should use pizza crust yeast for bread


Standard bread yeast is twice as expensive as pizza yeast. If you’re on a budget, it may be worth trying out.

In addition, if you purchase two different types of yeast, you will need separate containers for each to prevent cross-contamination. That means having two types of containers and labels.

Pizza crust yeast can also be used for bread and other baked goods like cinnamon buns and bagels.


Pizza yeast results in less bread rise and a denser dough which is more flavorful than bread yeast. You can reduce the amount of yeast used in your favorite bread recipes by one-fourth cup per packet to get a similar effect to using bread yeast.

The reason why you should lower the quantity is that the dough won’t rise as much and will have a denser texture.

Longer shelf life

Pizza yeast has a longer shelf life than bread yeast due to the dehydration process. The downside is that you’ll have to re-activate it before use by adding water.


It can help you avoid wasting money when you realize you’re out of bread yeast and don’t want to wait for another order. Pizza crust yeast can also be used in sweet dough recipes that call for bread yeast, like cinnamon buns and bagels.

Better fermentation process

Pizza yeast ferments at a higher temperature than bread yeast (90 degrees F / 32 degrees C vs. 80 degrees F / 27 degrees C), so it will ferment faster and produce better results.

Faster rise time

Pizza yeast ferments at a higher temperature than bread yeast, so it will ferment faster and produce better results.

High-quality bread

Pizza yeast tends to produce higher-quality loaves of bread by reducing the overall proofing process by at least 40%.

5 Precautions when using pizza crust yeast for bread

Do not use fresh yeast

Do not use fresh pizza crust yeast as it does not have the same properties as dehydrated yeast. You can store leftover pizza yeast in a refrigerator for up to one year or freeze it for three months before using it again.

Add less yeast

Pizza yeast is more effective than bread yeast, so you should add less to achieve the same results. Add only one-fourth of a cup per packet for bread recipes that call for active dry or instant yeast.

As stated above, pizza crust yeast is a great substitute if you run out of bread yeast and want better results compared to using only bread yeast.

Pizza yeast yields stretchable dough

Pizza yeast is different from bread yeast. Pizza crust yeast will give you a strong dough that is stretchable, while bread yeast will give you a less binding dough.

Add sugar or salt

Sugar and salt are usually required to activate the yeast. Dissolve one teaspoon of sugar in warm water before using it to rehydrate dried yeast cells. Add about one teaspoon of salt per packet.

Pizza crust yeast does not contain sugar or salt, so you’ll need to add these ingredients if your recipe requires it.

Check expiration date

To make sure the yeast is still active, check the expiration date before using it. You can also try adding one-fourth of a teaspoon to warm water to see if it foams up (if no bubbles appear, then the yeast is still good to use).

Using the wrong type of yeast will result in poor results, so it’s important to choose the right one. Pizza crust yeast can be a great substitute for bread yeast if you run out unexpectedly and want better results.

How to make bread using pizza yeast?

Here’s a step by step guide to making bread using pizza yeast:

1. Rehydrate the pizza yeast in lukewarm water before adding it to your bread dough for better results.

2. Add only one-fourth of a cup per packet of the rehydrated yeast when using it instead of regular active dry or instant yeast found in stores.

3. Dissolve sugar in lukewarm water before using it to rehydrate the yeast as it does not contain sugar.

4. Check the expiration date before using it and try adding a small quantity first to test if it’s still active.

5. The texture of bread made with pizza yeast will be denser than usual, but you’ll get better results compared to bread made with only bread yeast.

Here are some recipes that will work using pizza yeast

Pizza Buns Recipe: This recipe is great for hot dog buns or burger buns because it produces soft, fluffy loaves of bread.

Cinnamon Buns Recipe: These sticky buns are the perfect addition to your breakfast, brunch, or weekend breakfast table.

Garlic Knots Recipe: Satisfy your pizza cravings with these garlic knots made from leftover pizza dough. Also, you can learn to make garlic pizza crust like dominos.

Cheese Sticks Recipe: These classic cheese sticks are the perfect party appetizers and they make a great snack as well.

Bagels Recipe: Bagels made using this recipe will be ready in less than an hour and you can add your favorite ingredients.

Pizza Bread Recipe: This dough produces a large, filling loaf perfect for family dining or serving at parties and gatherings.

So, If you’re an avid baker and want to explore all of the options available, try pizza crust yeast and stop throwing away money on ingredients that you don’t need!

How many types of yeasts are available in the market?

There are three types of yeast available in the market: bread yeast, instant yeast, and brewer’s yeast.

Can I use active dry yeast instead of instant yeast?

Yes, you can substitute active dry yeast for instant yeast as long as you increase the amount used to compensate for lower potency.

How much does pizza crust yeast cost?

Pizza yeast costs around $6 per packet on Amazon at the time of writing.

How much does bread yeast cost?

1 pound bread yeast costs $10.50 per on Amazon at the time of writing.

Is it possible to freeze pizza dough?

Yes, you can freeze the dough after it has risen in a greased freezer bag for up to three months.

Can I make bread without yeast?

No, baking bread without yeast is not possible. You’ll need something that will raise the dough in order to make bread.

How long can you store yeast?

You can store dry yeast for up to two years if it’s unopened while only four months if it has already been opened. It’s best to refrigerate it to extend its shelf life.

What are the best kinds of yeasts?

Saf Instant Yeast, Red Star Yeast, and Fleischmann’s Yeast are some of the best kinds of yeast available in stores.

What is the difference between bread yeast and brewer’s yeast?

There isn’t much of a difference between bread yeast and brewer’s yeast, but the latter tends to come in larger chunks which might take longer to rehydrate.

How long can you keep pizza crust fresh?

You’ll need to bake the pizza the same day you make the dough because yeast dough will rise in one to two days.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, pizza crust can absolutely be used as a substitute for regular active dry yeast or instant yeast in dough products.

You can use it to make a variety of baked goods from buns and rolls to the pizza itself, cinnamon buns, cheese sticks, garlic knots, and more! The best part? It will result in a denser product with a fun flavor that works well for pizzas.

So, save money and use pizza crust yeast to make delicious loaves of bread for your breakfast!

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