Will sauté on instant pot boil?

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Will sauté on instant pot boil?

Is a sauté pan on an instant pot going to boil? Or does it need a lid?

It turns out that the answer is yes, but there are some exceptions to it.

Instant pots are actually multi-function devices and can work as either an electric pressure cooker or slow cooker. This means that if you want your sautéed vegetables to cook in boiling water, then you will need to use the “sauté” function from the regular settings menu during cooking time.

But there is so much to explore. For instance, cooking on sauté in an instant pot, and sauté’s functionality in the instant pot.

Read on to find out!

What is an instant pot?

You might be wondering: ”but what is an instant pot?”. Well, and an instant pot is actually the brand name of a range of multi-function electric pressure cookers.

At present, “Instant Pot” is one of the most popular brands in the United States and Canada (but is less popular in other parts of the world).

These appliances are famous for their cooking ability, along with having many safety features which make them suitable for home cooking.

Instant pot specialties

Instant pots are special pots/cookware which can be used to do multi-tasks like rice cooking, stewing, slow cooking, yogurt making, and many more. They are also called multiport or multicore.

The main idea behind these kinds of pots is that they provide the function of both pressure cookers and slow cookers in a single appliance at an affordable price. After using an instant pot, people found out that it can act as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and warming pot all at once.

In fact, the immense popularity of this cooker has been used to justify the production of accessories such as stacking baskets and multi-tasking lids which make it even more versatile.

What is sauté?

This is another possible ambiguity in the eyes of many people. What is sauté?

Well, sauté is a special type of pan that is specially adapted for frying food. Sauté pans are deep and wide, making it easy to move ingredients around the pan.

The high sides of this cooking pot are also good at trapping hot air during frying or sautéing, which makes it perfect for use on an open stovetop over a medium-high heat source.

The main difference between a simple frying pan and a sauté pan is the depth and the straight sides.

Can you cook on sauté in the instant pot?

Absolutely yes. Instant pots are specialized to help you with cooking many dishes. This means that you can cook your food on sauté mode in the instant pot as well.

You can sauté food on the instant pot, yet you need to use the multi-function buttons like “Sauté”.

However, there are some steps that you need to follow when cooking on a sauté pan in an instant pot. Here they are:

Step 1

You need to open the instant pot lid, and put it on sauté mode. Now you have to adjust your settings at first.

For this purpose, select the “Adjust” button from the Sauté menu. This will send you to the adjusting screen where you should choose high for Layer 1. Keep in mind that layers 2 and 3 should be set off.

Keep the lid closed, make sure that your vent is sealed (it is usually in sealing position), then choose the “Start” button.

Step 2

Now you need to set the timer for 5 minutes at pressure level low (pressurized) for this step. The time needed for sautéing is much shorter than normal cooking.

Step 3

Once the 5 minutes are over, release the pressure by opening the vent (usually at sealing position). You can now serve your food.

There are many things you can cook on sauté in an instant pot. Some examples are:

risotto, soft vegetables, sauces or caramelized onions., beef, fingerling potatoes, cauliflower, chicken thighs, or leg quarters.

There are other examples as well that can be cooked on sauté mode in the instant pot. You only need to use your skills and imagination for cooking delicious dishes on sauté mode in the instant pot!

Tips to cook properly on sauté pan in the instant pot

Since sauté mode is used for cooking small dishes, so you don’t need to worry much about the time.

Setting the cooking time beforehand

However, it’s better to know how long you should cook on a sauté pan so that you can adjust your settings according to it.

The best way to set the cooking time for your food is by using the sauté mode. You can use get information about your dish on this screen, then adjust it based on your own preference.

Don’t fill the pot with water!

You should not fill the pot with too much water when you cook on sauté in the instant pot, and the right amount of water is minimal. When you cook vegetables, you can just use a little oil and some garlic for its flavor.

Making adjustments on sauté mode

You should keep in mind that things require more heat than normal cooking or simmering. So you need to adjust your settings accordingly to avoid issues.

For example, you should start your dish on sauté mode first. Once the food is started cooking, switch to the “Keep Warm” mode for avoiding overcooking or burning.

Don’t forget that instant pot work differently than other traditional pressure cookers. So it’s better to read its manual thoroughly before starting. And

The foods you shouldn’t cook on a sauté pan in an instant pot

Although you can cook anything on sauté in an instant pot, there are a few things that you should never cook in an instant pot. Here’s is the list:


Think about the consequences of putting a wet dough on a hot sauté pan! olives, tomatoes, coconut milk, and dairy products.

Creamy sauces

You can use sauté mode to cook thick sauces, but they will burn quickly and you won’t be able to stir them. So it’s better to avoid this way of cooking with such dishes.

Dairy products

Milk boils over quickly, so you should cook it on other modes in the instant pot.

Fried eggs

This would be a messy way to cook fried eggs because they will stick on your sauté pan. So you should use other cooking methods for preparing eggs.


Remember that your ideal cake won’t cook properly on the sauté pan.


You should use other methods for cooking seafood. Seafood is so delicate and you can’t expect to cook it properly in a pan.

What does sauté do in the instant pot?

Now that you know you can safely cook a number of dishes on a sauté pan in an instant pot. It’s time to look at how to sauté pan functions in an instant pot.

So when we put a sauté pan in an instant pot, it heats up quickly to high heat. This heat is used to cook different types of food in an instant pot by giving them a nice browning effect.

Now that you know how we put sauté in an instant pot, let’s see what happens when we do this.

Saves time

First of all, you save a lot of time since the sauté pan pre-heats very quickly. And quick heating is the main reason for all this.

Secondly, you can cook a number of dishes with a sauté pan in an instant pot that takes less time to cook than other cooking methods. This is because it’s a high heat method and you can put your food in the instant pot right after pre-heating.

Preserving nutrients

Nutrients are preserved because food doesn’t sit in water as it does on simmer mode or other cooking modes.

Easy to clean

Our instant pot will be easier to clean as there’s no burned food stuck to its bottom. And this is another reason why sauté pan proves to be a great addition to your cooking methods.

Nice flavor

Another benefit of putting a sauté pan in an instant pot is that it gives a nice flavor to your food. So in a nutshell, this is how to sauté pan works in an instant pot.

At the end of the day, using the sauté function in our instant pot is much better than using a saucepan because it shortens cooking time and preserves nutrients. But remember that you should cook different


In a nutshell, sauté will boil on an instant pan. And you can definitely cook on a sauté pan in an instant pot. So you don’t have to avoid this cooking during your next instant pot recipe.

So if you want to use the sauté function on an instant pot, just remember that it boils simple dishes on high heat and gives a nice browning effect to more complex foods. And this is how a sauté pan works in an instant pot.

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