How much oil does a turkey fryer take?  

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How much oil does a turkey fryer take?

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to start collecting ideas and recipes for those festive feasts! For a special treat this Thanksgiving, try deep-frying your turkey. If you have not fried a turkey before, You surely will have plenty of questions.

One of the most basic questions that you might ask is How much oil does a turkey fryer take?  Answering this question will help you decide how much turkey to purchase and the size of your deep fryer.

There is not a good answer to how much oil does a turkey fryer take because there are many variables that go into deciding how much oil will be needed for one person or for an entire family.

Here is a complete guide on how to deep fry a turkey

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Selecting the Right turkey

There are many factors to consider when selecting a turkey for deep frying. Make sure the turkey you choose is fresh and has not been previously frozen. Thaw any frozen turkeys in the refrigerator for a period of two days or defrost it in a microwave oven on a per-pound basis, that is one pound of turkey should be fully defrosted within two hours.

Another important factor to consider when selecting your bird is the size. If the turkey you have found is too small simply purchase additional parts to cook your entire family can enjoy this tasty treat! If there are leftovers, try using them as ingredients in casseroles-you will surely find something to do with them.

Kind of oil to use

There are many different types of oil that may be used for the deep-frying process. Among them, peanut oil and canola oil have high smoke points which make it perfect for frying. Corn or vegetable oil is also all right, but they have low smoke points so you must keep a close eye on your turkey do not let it burn!

Preparing the Turkey

When preparing the turkey for deep frying, begin with removing all giblets from inside the cavity. Wash the bird inside and out with cold water to remove any debris. If you wish, rub salt into the skin or sprinkle in spices according to personal taste. Rinse thoroughly after this step is complete.

How Much Oil Does A Turkey Fryer Take?

Now that your turkey is prepared, it’s time to decide how much oil you will need. The size of the deep fryer you are using will determine the amount of oil needed. For example, a large turkey could weigh as much as 14 pounds or more and would require between three-quarters of a gallon to 1 gallon of oil for frying.

This may be less depending on the kind of fryer being used. With other types, you might use up to two gallons! Be sure that you have enough oil before beginning the process. If not, you should purchase additional oil because there is no way to properly dispose of used cooking oils afterward.

Here are six steps that you must follow to have a tasty and mouthwatering turkey at the end

Measure oil level

The first thing you should do is fill the cooking pot with regular tap water. Check the oil capacity marking on your turkey deep fryer’s body to determine the maximum amount of cooking oil it can hold. Submerge your electric deep fryer in a large sink filled with water if there are no oil capacity markings.

Make sure that the device is fully submerged, then pour out all of the water until about an inch remains inside the unit. Pour in exactly enough cooking oil to come up to 1 inch below where the spout sticks out from its lid.

Dry off your electric turkey fryer and set it upright on a countertop or sturdy table away from any open flames before attempting to plug it in and turn it on. Turn the fryer on, allowing it about five minutes to heat up fully before you add the cooking oil.

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Pour out the water and add oil:

Carefully pour out all of the water from inside your deep fryer until only an inch or so remains in the bottom of the pot. Screw off the lid and spout from your deep fryer base. Insert a disposable funnel into the opening at the top of your electric turkey deep fryer’s spout.

Carefully pour fresh, clean cooking oil into this container until it stops just short of where 1 inch remains below where the spout sticks out from the lid’s base. Add more oil as needed to top off level with a mark on side of the frying pot.

Secure lid and plugin deep fryer

Screw the lid back onto your electric turkey deep fryer. Plug your cooking pot into an electrical outlet or extension cord to begin heating up the cooking oil inside it. At this point, you can allow your unit to heat up for about 20 minutes before adding food.

Fry turkey safely

Now that you have preheated your fried turkey, fill a large sink or bucket with cold water and set it near where you will be frying your bird. Carefully lower the turkey into the hot oil using either tongs or a long-handled fork designed specifically for use with deep fryers.

Once submerged, gently press on its breastbone until you hear a crack. This will keep the body cavity from expanding and prevent oil from bubbling up into it while your turkey cooks. Allow it to fry for about five minutes before carefully removing it from the hot grease.

Let cool and serve

Carefully remove turkey from deep fryer using tongs or fork designed for this purpose only. Place the fried bird on a large plate and allow it to cool down, still inside its cooking pot, for at least 15 minutes before handling and serving to guests. This step is important because liquid released during frying can cause serious burns if accidentally spilled onto bare skin.

After cooling, the time has elapsed, loosen the lid of the container that holds your cooked bird — but do not take the lid off completely yet. Allow the turkey to cool for another five minutes before finally releasing its grip on the spout and lifting it out of hot oil.

Remove lid and pour off excess cooking oil into a large bowl or pan. Cool your bird at room temperature until you are ready to serve it up alongside all of your favorite Thanksgiving sides dishes.


You should never use water that contains soap to fill an electric turkey fryer’s pot — because this can cause grease in the water to foam, which will spread down into the heating coils and cause them to fail.

Be sure to keep surfaces near where you set up your deep fryer clutter-free, especially if flammable materials such as dish towels are nearby. Oil spilled from a deep fryer can cause serious burns if it accidentally comes into contact with bare skin. Wash your hands before and after handling a deep fryer to prevent the spread of germs and other contaminants.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to oil and fryer when frying a turkey comes to mind. I googled it and got these answers. Check out the page below for more info.

1. How much oil do I need to deep fry a 14-pound turkey?

 Answer:   You should use at least four quarts of cooking oil in your electric frying pot before adding your bird, but you may need slightly more if using a bigger model than this. When done correctly, frying a whole turkey can be one of the tastiest and moistest ways to prepare this dish — especially when paired with other autumn side dishes such as cranberry sauce, stuffing, or mashed potatoes! 

2. How much oil does a 60-quart turkey fryer take?

Answer:   For this size of turkey frying pot, you should expect to use at least 6.5 quarts of cooking oil before adding your bird — but again, more may be required if using a model of this size. Fill it up just below the rim with cooking oil and allow the fryer to heat for twenty minutes before attempting to add food.

3. How long does it take to fry a 14-pound turkey?

Answer:    It will take about one hour and forty minutes for your deep fryer to cook a 14-pound turkey. Be sure to use this time as an opportunity to prepare other side dishes that will go well with your dishes, such as mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce!

4. How long does it take for a container of oil to heat up?

Answer:   It can take anywhere from twenty minutes to more than two hours for the oil inside of your electric frying pot to heat up properly — depending on which model you own. Make sure that food is added only once this heating process has finished, because added too early may result in soggy results.   

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