How much does one fried shrimp weigh?

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How much does one fried shrimp weigh?

Shrimp is a delicacy that is enjoyed around the world. It is popular because it is affordable for most people. Shrimp can be enjoyed on its own, or its flavor goes well with other ingredients in a recipe.

Often people while cooking shrimps for gatherings or even for understanding its nutritional facts ask lots of questions. The most common questions asked are how much does one fried shrimp weigh? how many pieces is 6 oz of shrimp?

The simple answer to this question is one fried shrimp weighs about 3 ounces. For people who would like to know how many pieces of such weight are in a pound, the answer would be 26 pieces in one pound of shrimp.

There are many people who don’t have a clear idea about the weight of shrimp. They might also be curious to know how much does one fried shrimp weigh, but they are afraid to ask their cook.

If you are one of them, then you must read this article which gives you an answer to your questions.

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Size of Shrimps

Before going on to the weight of one fried shrimp, you must know that all shrimp are not the same size. Even though they may look similar to each other, their sizes vary depending on the species and gender.

Shrimp is available in different forms such as fresh, dried, frozen, and canned. All these are of different sizes. Large size shrimps are preferred for frying, while smaller-sized shrimp is good for grilling or steaming.

How much does one fried shrimp weigh?

This question is definitely essential to the people who love shrimp. In order to know the answer, you must first learn about one fried shrimp’s weight and its nutritional facts.

One fried shrimp weighs nearly 3 ounces, which means it is just about 100 grams and has approximately 71 calories.

This shrimp’s weight comes from water and protein content in it. The percentage of protein in shrimp is around 32% and water content is 85%. The remaining 8% includes fat, vitamins, and other minerals.

One fried shrimp has an average sodium level of 350 mg. It also contains Selenium which is very essential for our body as it protects us from cancer. This antioxidant mineral is found in greater levels in shrimp.

In order to get the desired weight of one fried shrimp for a recipe, you can weigh it before cooking and then use it accordingly.

Now that you know the answer to your question how much does one fried shrimp weigh? I’m sure you would be interested in learning about its nutritional facts.

Nutritional Facts Regarding One Fried Shrimp Weight

One fried shrimp has 71 calories contained in 100 grams of weight. It also contains 4.4 grams of proteins and 1 gram of carbohydrates. You can easily include this low-calorie, high-protein food item in your daily diet chart without having any side effects.

The fat content in one fried shrimp is around 3 grams and it also has a negligible amount of sugar.

One fried shrimp includes omega-3 fatty acids that help in reducing cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases. It also contains vitamin A, an antioxidant nutrient essential for eyesight as well as skin health. Vitamin A is also good for our immune system.

In addition to all these benefits, it has some minerals such as selenium, iodine, iron phosphorus, zinc, etc which are not found in high amounts but are required by our body.

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How much fried shrimp is a serving?

The serving of one fried shrimp is about 100 grams. People, who eat more than that might start wondering how many pieces is 6 oz of shrimp?

One serving of 100 grams of shrimp contains 71 calories, 8 grams protein, and 3 grams fat. It also has 1 gram of carbohydrates, 0.5 grams of sugar, and 350 mg sodium (considering no salt added).

One fried shrimp has 260% daily values of Vitamin B12, 25% Iron, and 23% selenium content which can be considered high to some extent if taken along with its other nutritional facts.

However, all this information doesn’t give you an idea of how many pieces of such weight are in a pound. To answer your question how much does one fried shrimp weigh in a pound, we must talk about what it looks like in its original shape.

One Pound Of Shrimp

One pound of shrimp is about 16 oz or 453 grams which are great for making salads or pasta toppings. If the size is bigger, then you can cook them directly by the grilling method. However, if they are not enough for your entire party, you can cut them into pieces and make more servings.

How many fried shrimp in a pound

Knowing how much does a fried shrimp weighs in a pound, you can calculate how many pieces there are in a pound.

One pound of shrimp equals 16 oz. If we divide 16 by 100 grams, the number of pieces comes to be 15.3 which is pretty close to 16 as the average weight of one piece is about 5-6 grams.

In simple words, you can say that 16 pieces or 1 lb of shrimp contain around 1000 calories and have 86 g protein content each.

How many pieces is 6 oz of shrimp?

One pound contains 16 pieces and one piece is about 5-6 grams. So, six ounces of shrimp equal 85 grams each and contain around 600 calories. Six oz or 85 grams also have 31 grams protein in it. Six oz of shrimp is also equivalent to about 2 cups.

Calories in Fried Shrimp:

Calories in One Fried Shrimp is around 71. Calories in one fried shrimp can be increased when it’s cooked with butter or oil.

The serving of 6 oz of shrimp is about 600 calories. However, this level can be increased when you eat it fried in oil or butter. So, how many pieces are 6 oz of shrimp is totally depended on the amount you are eating at once.

Recipe ideas for one serving of Shrimp:

You can make a dressing with lemon juice, salt, pepper powder, and Italian seasoning to taste. Then add some olive oil to the mixture and pour it over your 100 grams of fried shrimp before serving. It will provide you with healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for your heart.

Another idea is to prepare a dish that has rice with vegetables such as carrot or beans along with this one serving of shrimp added into it. This way you get proteins from other sources too besides seafood but still, get a great taste because of the presence of shrimp in it.

For people who like spicy food, red curry paste mixed with coconut milk makes an excellent sauce for shrimp.


In conclusion, it would be a great idea to start calculating how much does a fried shrimp weighs before cooking as it is very important for people who are looking forward to losing weight. It’s better to go with frozen shrimp rather than fresh ones if you want information about how much does one fried shrimp weigh.

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