Can you use fried chicken bones for bone broth?

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Can you use fried chicken bones for bone broth?

Can you use fried chicken bones for bone broth? 

I’m sure you’re wondering why would someone want to do that. Yes, it does sound pretty weird. But the fact is, there are a lot of health benefits that come from using everything in an animal or bird for food- even if it doesn’t sound appetizing. 

For instance, when roasting a whole chicken- many people will remove the skin to make eating easier but what they don’t realize is that removing the skin also removes all of those nutrients and fats which can be used in other recipes. It’s important to think about where your meat comes from and how it was processed before deciding what parts of an animal should go into your dish!

Coming to the main question of this blog post. The answer is: ”absolutely yes”. You can use fried chicken bones to make bone broth. However, you need to be careful of a few things that will be discussed later in this post.

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What is bone broth?

But what is meant by bone broth? Well, bone broth is essentially a type of stock that has been cooked for a long time at low heat. It is made by boiling animal bones for a period of time in order to extract the proteins and minerals from the bones.

The longer you cook bone broth, some say adding vinegar or salt near the end can help draw out even more minerals from the bones.

This process has been used for hundreds of years and has reputedly helped improve everything from skin problems to arthritis to gut issues.

But why use fried chicken bones?

As I said previously, it definitely sounds weird, but there are actually a lot of benefits that come from using the whole animal for food. If you’re using chicken as your protein source, you can actually get a lot of benefits from using the bones as well.

A lot of people are scared that they’ll get sick if they eat or drink something that has been in contact with an animal’s bones, but the truth is that bones generally do not contain any bacteria unless they’ve been contaminated by another source.

Methods to use fried chicken bones for broth

So you may be wondering how do you actually go about cooking chicken bones to make broth? Here’s a step by step guide:

1. After you’ve finished eating your chicken wings, remove the bones and any remaining pieces of meat.

2. Wash them thoroughly and place them in a pot of cold water with some vinegar or salt to draw out even more minerals from the bones (recommended).

3. Bring the water to a boil over high heat.

4. Let it boil for a few hours to really get the benefits from the bones. The longer you let it cook, the more beneficial properties will be released from the bones into the broth. If possible, leaving it overnight is a great way to improve your bone broth!

5. Strain out all of the pieces and you’re left with a nutritious and healthy broth that you can use in any way that regular stock is used!

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Health Benefits of using fried chicken bones for bone broth

Now that you’ve finished knowing the basics of making a broth from chicken bones, here is a little bit about some of the health benefits you can expect to gain from consuming it:

Reduces inflammation

Including bone broth in your diet can help with reducing the symptoms of those who suffer from serious inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. This is because the broth from bones is packed with glycosaminoglycan, which has been proven to reduce inflammation in joints.

Helps build strong bones

In order to strengthen the bone structure, it’s important to include a good amount of calcium and magnesium in your diet. Bone broth from chicken bones provides a lot of this- not just from the bones but also from the minerals that have been released during the cooking process.

B vitamins are also included in bone broth so it can help with maintaining a healthy nervous system and Vitamin C helps with absorbing calcium more efficiently.

Fight off cold and flue

Including bone broth made from fried chicken bones in your diet can be an effective way to fight off colds and flu. This is because consuming one cup of the stuff can provide you with almost three times the amount of Vitamin A that you need on a daily basis.

This vitamin plays a significant role in enhancing your immune system so it can help to keep you healthy if you’re frequently exposed to people who are sick.

Improves gut health

Bone broth prepared from chicken bones has been known to improve digestive issues by improving the bacteria balance in the gut. This is because of the collagen that’s included in the broth which you can find in most parts of an animal’s body, including connective tissues.

The collagen not only helps improve gut health but also reduces intestinal inflammation and further strengthens your immune system.

Precautions when using fried chicken bones for bones broth

There are a few precautions that need to be taken into account before using fried chicken bones for broth, including:

– Chicken bones can splinter so the best way to avoid this is to boil them first.

– You should never drink more than one cup of bone broth per day because it contains high amounts of Vitamin A which can cause liver damage if consumed in huge amounts.

– You should always use vinegar or salt when boiling the bones to draw out even more minerals from them because it will give a much better taste to your broth.

– Make sure you thoroughly clean any meat left on the bones before boiling them and only use bones that have been free from chemicals, pesticides, and other preservatives, preferably organic.

– The broth should be used within a few days once it’s finished cooking to enjoy the maximum health benefits.

Can I use eaten chicken bones for the stock?

First of all, you need to know what do we mean by chicken stock here. So, chicken stock is a liquid that is prepared by boiling the bones and water together. So, the chicken stock has a lot of nutritional benefits and it’s very good for health too!

The answer to the question ”Can I use eaten chicken bones for the stock? is Yes. You can use eaten chicken bones and make a healthy and tasty stock using them. But, make sure you don’t use the bones without boiling them because the leftover food in the bones is not good for your health!

Steps to follow before making chicken stock from bones:

– First thing that you need to do is wash the bones with water very well, as we know chicken has a lot of bacteria and germs in it. So, wash them very well before using them for stock.

– Then, add the bones to cold water in a pot and bring this to boil on high heat.

– Boil the bones very well with water, then filter out water and pour fresh water after that and repeat 2-3 times more.

– Finally, you can keep the stock in the freezer for later use too. Or, you can also start cooking it at once if you are planning to cook some delicious recipes with this!

Can you use already cooked bones for bone broth?

Yes, you can use already cooked bones for bone broth. In fact, It has a lot of benefits. For instance, it is an easy way to extract collagen from bones.

As you know, collagen is very important for our health. It is beneficial for your skin and hair too. Once you prepare bone broth by using cooked bones, it will be ready in just one hour.

Another benefit is that it will save you money. You can also use cooked bones after your meal. But, you should eat animal bones once a week because it is good for your health too.

Which chicken bones are best for bone broth?

There is no definite answer to this question. It depends. There are different types of chicken bones. So, you should pick the best one according to your need and taste. For instance, if you want strong bone broth then use leg and thigh bones because they consist of more marrow than other parts of the chicken.

If you want a lot of gelatin in your soup or sauce, then use carcass and wings. But, make sure you don’t use too much chicken carcass because it can cause some serious health problems like kidney disease and fatty liver.

If you want a lot of oil in your broth, then add chicken feet to the recipe. You can easily get these from any store near you. Just cut them into pieces if they are big.


In summary, you can use fried chicken, and eat chicken bones for broth. You just need to be careful when boiling the bones, then you’ll get a tasty and healthy broth. You can use them according to your need or taste. And don’t forget to wash the bones before using any soup stock!

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