Can You Use Fridge and Freezer Baking Soda For Baking?

  • By: Emma
  • Date: August 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

For a long time, I have been confused about the use Fridge and Freezer baking soda. Can you use Fridge and Freezer baking soda for baking? This questions used to bother me a lot.

Recently, I did some research on this subject and found a surprisingly simple answer to it. Interested in knowing what the answer is? Let’s find out!

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Can You Use Fridge and Freezer Baking Soda For Baking?

You cannot use Fridge and Freezer baking soda for baking because this baking soda is not food grade. It has a larger grain size (>85 microns). Larger grains of fridge baking soda is difficult to dissolve and affect food taste.

Baking soda grain size (Micron)Usage
60-70Excipient pharmaceuticals, special cleansers
80-90Carpet deodorizers, detergents 
>100Deodorant powder, dry fire extinguisher
Table 1: Grain size of baking soda and its usage

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First things first, why Baking Soda? If you have ever walked into your kitchen after being away for an extended period, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

When you first enter your home after a prolonged absence, it smells different than it usually does – like everything is new and clean again! This is because every time you clean your house, the air that comes into contact with these surfaces begins to smell fresh again.

Even though some people may think otherwise, cleaning supplies have a slight odor that remains even after cleaning.

With cleaning supplies, however, comes bacteria; therefore, whenever these substances come into contact with an abundant amount of bacteria consistently, they begin to grow and produce harmful odors as well as various types of bacteria-spreading spores.

This is why someone who cleans their home frequently tends to have different smells in their kitchen than someone who cleans their home once or twice per year or less- frequently than once per month. In addition

How often should you change the baking soda in the fridge?

To answer this question, we need to know how often you use your refrigerator. If you use your refrigerator a lot daily and have baking soda in it, then you should change it every two or three months.

If you only use your refrigerator once or twice weekly, you can go longer than that before changing the baking soda.

What can I use as a substitute for baking soda?

It is a good idea to try and find a substitute for baking soda, especially if you are sensitive to it. Baking soda has a relatively strong taste, so you may want to look into alternatives such as salt or sugar.

Some people also like to use vinegar as a substitute for baking soda. Vinegar is composed of acetic acid, which can react with many other chemicals and produce carbon dioxide.

This reaction produces water and sodium acetate, commonly used as an ingredient in sugar-based confectionery items such as hard candies and chocolate.

Does baking soda go bad?

The answer is yes. Because baking soda is a chemical that can cause an odor when in contact with bacteria, it will eventually go bad like any other food item.

The product’s lifespan, however, depends on how often you use it and the number of bacteria that remains on the surface after baking soda is used to clean it.

If you want to avoid these smells in your kitchen, then your best bet is to purchase a vacuum cleaner or floor scrubber, which also has a slight odor reduction feature as well as powerful suction capabilities which will pull up all types of dust and dirt particles alike.

There are many reasons why you should use refrigerator and freezer baking soda instead of individual ingredients to make your baked goods.

For example, one reason is that refrigerating and freezing the baking soda makes it harder for bacteria to grow on the surface because they cannot survive at such low temperatures.

Additionally, using only freezer baking soda lets you control the amount of moisture in your baked goods so they will not become too wet, while using only refrigerator baking soda ensures that they remain moist but not wet enough to make them soggy.

Finally, using only refrigerator or freezer baking powder means you won’t need to buy separate cleaning supplies from a store, which means less money and more time saved!

How do you test if baking soda is still good?

If you wanted to test if the baking soda was still good, you could mix 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda with 1/2 cup of water and leave it in the fridge or freezer for 24 hours.

If, after 24 hours, the mixture is still bubbling, then the baking soda is still good! The same thing can be done with a refrigerator or freezer – just put the mixture in an airtight container and leave it there for 24 hours. If, after 24 hours, the mixture begins to turn brown, then the baking soda is no longer suitable.

If your mixture turns brown within an hour of being placed in a refrigerator or freezer, your baking soda has changed from regular baking soda, and you should replace it with new baking soda.


Fridge n Freezer baking soda is a substitute for baking soda in the kitchen but should not be used because it could cause some adverse side effects. Fridge n Freezer baking soda should be changed about twice a month. You can use baking powder, but remember never to use baking powder instead of soda. Check expiration dates and test for freshness using the “soda-fizz” test.