Can you use a frying pan on a jetboil?

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Can you use a frying pan on a jetboil?

People who often love to go for adventurers or picnics usually have portable stoves. A jet boil is a popular portable stove mainly used during outdoor cooking.

Most people use the jet boil to heat water and prepare foods. Also, people love to fry food on it, especially when they are at campsites or picnics. However, many wonder if they can use a frying pan while using portable stoves like the Jetboil.

Using a pot support attachment helps to fit the frying pan over your jet boil. The pot support usually works with most pans; however, not all pans fit perfectly. Foldable pot supports are handy and recommended for outdoor use.

We hope to provide you with some valuable tips on using your frying pan over Jetboil flash with this article.

How does the jetboil work?

A jetboil is a versatile cooking system that uses a highly efficient gas stove. It works through a mechanism of quick heat exchange and is powered by propane fuel.

You can easily ignite the stove and pressurize the jet pump, which boils the water within no time at all. Once ready, attach the pot or frying pan over it for boiling or cooking other types of foods like eggs or fried chicken.

The jet boil can also function as a grill; however, this will require buying additional accessories.

Compared with MSR, the jetboil is quick to boil 500 ml of water (see the chart below).

Comparison of boiling time of jetboil & MSR

Can you use a frying pan on a jet boil?

Yes, you can use a frying pan over the stove while it is still in the process of cooking.

Although many people think that they cannot use any pan or pot with their portable stove like Jetboil, you will be glad to know that certain pans perfectly fit into the heating unit of the furnace.

Generally speaking, aluminum pans are ideal for use on most stoves, including Jetboil. It’s good to remember that every model made by Jetboil can work with different types of pots and pans, which are made from aluminum material only. However, one must make sure that all parts of the pot or pan are compatible with the stove.

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How can you use a frying pan on a jet boil?

Using a frying pan with your Jetboil is easy; all you need to do is follow the proper procedure when attaching the pot over the stove while it’s still in use. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Prepare your Jetboil and find its ignition unit or place an appropriately sized flame on top of it. Make sure that the nozzle of the stove has water inside for efficient cooking.
  • It should be placed on a low heat setting while frying meats, vegetables, and other types of food. Meanwhile, make sure that there is no water inside the pot while heating foods like bacon, eggs, etc. This will change the boiling process of the food.
  • Prepare your frying pan on an appropriate stove set at about medium heat for most stoves, including Jetboil. Add some butter or oil before placing your fried chicken or bacon inside it.
  • Use more butter to prepare eggs, milk steaks, etc. Then lower the heat setting to low once you are finished cooking your meal and let the remaining grease cool down before cleaning up the pan, for it may cause fire burning on the stove afterward.

How does a frying pan work over a jet boil?

A jet boiler works by converting water into steam that pressurizes through its heating coil where camp stoves then use this energy source for cooking different types of foods like eggs or fried chicken. Meanwhile, a frying pan is also made from the same material as the stove, and it produces no toxic fumes, which makes them safe to use together at the same time.

What are the limitations when using a frying pan on a jet boil?

Using any pan on a portable stove like the Jetboil is highly recommended. However, there are certain limitations one must note before using any pieces of cookware. The main issue with using a frying pan on a jet boil or other stoves is that not all pans are designed to sit perfectly over the stove.

In addition, boiling water will take longer when cooking a small amount of food because it takes more heat for smaller foods and pots than for larger ones.

Also, since most frying pans and pots aren’t made from aluminum material, the stove might have difficulties heating your meals evenly due to its poor conductivity to heat that aluminum provides. Thus, this can result in undercooked or overcooked foods, affecting your meal quality.

What are the considerations when using a frying pan on a jet boil?

As stated above, there is a considerable limitation in cooking with smaller pots and pans. To address this matter, you will need to consider some aspects before purchasing any cookware for your portable stove like the Jetboil flash.

With this, we have prepared some guidelines for you that will help you purchase the perfect frying pan or pot that perfectly fits your stoves, giving you a delicious meal experience. First, ensure that the pot comes with pre-drilled holes at its base, which lets air pressure escape from inside your stove.

Second, check if it has a wide shape as a narrow one does not let enough heat out of the pot. Thus, you will boil your food longer than usual, affecting your meal quality.’

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What are the best frying pans that you can use on a jet boil?

We know how challenging it is to find the perfect type of cooking set for your Jetboil stove; however, we have done all the hard work for you, and we list down some of our top picks below:

The first and most recommended one is by MSR, which comes with non-stick technology and won’t deteriorate at high heat levels. This feature lets you cook delicious fried chicken using the pans without worrying about any harmful chemicals that might contaminate your food.

Secondly, as its name suggests – this pan from Sea to Summit has an aluminum-encased base that won’t warp at high heat levels.

Thirdly, the pan also has a cover included, which you can use to hold the cover over your food. Fourthly, it’s designed with pre-drilled lugs, which provide users freedom of using any pot or stove; however, make sure that it fits perfectly on your type of stove like the Jetboil flash.

Lastly, this cookware set by Snow Peak is made from anodized aluminum material. It comes with the non-stick coating already applied on its surface – making it easy for users to cook delicious fried chicken or other fried food without worrying about sticking problems. You don’t need to season the pans again after every use.

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How do I select a frying pan that fits my jet boil?

As we have stated earlier, selecting a frying pan or pot that fits your stove perfectly is not easy, and it requires specific considerations on your part.

First, select pots with pre-drilled holes at their base as this let air pressure escape from the inside of the stove – thus cooking food faster than usual.

Second, check if it has a wide shape as some models included in our recommendations above as they let enough heat out, which helps you cook meals faster.

Thirdly, consider your budget and choose the one that best fits your plans without going overboard with unnecessary features or materials that aren’t important for you.

Lastly, read reviews online about the product before purchasing to ensure no issues arise from the product you plan to purchase.

According to a study conducted by NASA, it takes about twice as much energy for smaller pots and pans compared to larger ones. This is because of its poor conductivity, making aluminum material an efficient conductor of heat.

Thus, this can result in undercooked or overcooked foods, affecting your meal quality.

Fortunately, guides are available online to help you choose a pot or pan that’s perfect for your stove, like Jetboil flash. Keep in mind your budget and needs and check reviews from other customers before purchasing any items on Amazon.


In conclusion, buying pans that perfectly fit your jet boil stove is not easy. Still, you are guaranteed only the best quality materials and features included in these pans with our recommendations above.

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