Can you have a deep fryer in a food truck?

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Can you have a deep fryer in a food truck?

Ever wondered whether you can have a deep fryer in your food truck? Well, if you have, here is the answer: Absolutely yes. You can have a deep fryer in a food truck. But it needs to be done with some considerations about safety and convenience.

Deep frying is an old-fashioned cooking technique that many people still enjoy today. It’s also used for things like donuts and french fries, which are two items you probably offer at your restaurant or catering service. But how does this work if you’re operating inside a food truck? This blog post will answer this question and much more

Read on to learn more about the dos and don’ts of having a deep fryer in a food truck.

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Factors that determine whether you can put a deep fryer in a food truck

Although many people opt for food trucks because it’s mobile units, there are some who may not be willing to sacrifice the convenience of having a deep fryer in a shop or house.

There are several things that you need to understand before you buy a deep fryer for your food truck. Here’s the list:

Size of vehicle

First, the size of your vehicle needs to be taken into consideration. If you have one of those trucks that can’t really accommodate it or if there’s no space on your countertop (or anywhere inside the truck), then this is not for you.

Second, if you have a truck that’s so large enough to accommodate a deep fryer, then this is still not for you unless you’re willing to buy one. Those foot-deep fryers may be difficult to use (and store) in food trucks.

In addition to the size of the vehicle, you might also want to keep in mind the size of deep fryers. According to a 2017 survey, the following are the different sizes of fryers used in food trucks globally.

Deep fryer sizePercentage People used it globally
Less than 2L10%
2L – 5L40%
5L – 8L17%
8L – 14L25%
Over 14L8%
Different sizes of deep fryers and percentage of people that use these fryers around the world.

Type of deep fryer

Not all deep fryers are the same. Some of them like the old-fashioned oil immersion deep fryer can take up lots of space and you need to buy a countertop along with it. Other deep fryers like those that do use oil as fuel (like propane) are smaller and may be more suitable for food trucks.

Wind conditions

Never ignore this one! This is one factor that a lot of people don’t really consider when buying deep fryers. If your truck is too windy (and you’re not near any protective walls), then this may not be the best idea. Wind can carry away some smoke and oil smell that might upset some people or even attract bugs.

Weight of deep fryer

You also need to consider the weight of your deep fryer. It’s not good for business if you have some malfunction inside the truck while cooking and spilling out hot oil all over the place (and even injuring some users).

Note that not all deep fryers are easy to carry around (and move). Make sure that your deep fryer is light enough to be carried around by one person. This also means that you have to buy a portable deep fryer for your food truck if you decide on having a deep fryer.

Fryer stand

If you want to use or even put a deep fryer in a food truck, It’s important to have a stand that can support it. Without a stand, using your deep fryer will be next to impossible! How do you even prevent it from falling or how can it even get into position?

In addition, food trucks that use portable countertops usually don’t have a lot of space for a stand. So make sure you buy an adjustable one if yours doesn’t come with a standard fryer stand.


Aside from all these factors, another thing that you need to consider before buying a deep fryer is the cost. This one’s important because it’s not just about finding the right equipment for your needs, but also finding one at a price that fits your budget.

Deep FryersCost
Hamilton Beach Professional Grade Electric Deep Fryer80 $
Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer with Basket359 – 399 $
Waring Commercial WDF1000 Heavy Duty 10 lb. Single Basket Deep Fryer469 $
All-Clad EJ814051 Deep Fryer209 $
T-fal Deep Fryer, Model FR8000159 – 165 $
Cuisinart Deep Fryer, 4 Quart99 $
ZOKOP Electric Fryer129 $
List of famous deep fryers used in a food truck and their cost.

Weather Conditions

The weather too must be taken into consideration. If you’re going to shop for a deep fryer inside your food truck, then you need to find one that’s specifically designed to work in such conditions. It should also have safety features that protect it from overheating and electric surges or lightning strikes.

Another thing is temperature. If the atmospheric temperature is more than 40 degrees Celsius, it’s a red flag. As a matter of fact, the truck will catch atmospheric heat and become hot. So, you should think twice before putting a deep fryer in your truck.

Ventilation system

Many people don’t realize this but the ventilation system is another important factor that will determine whether you can put a deep fryer in your food truck. The ventilation system should also be designed to accommodate cooking with a deep fryer.


Another fundamental factor is your experience as a user. If you are new to cooking/frying food in a deep fryer, then you may need to get some help before buying one. You should also keep in mind that the result will greatly depend on your experience. You don’t want to ruin your business just because of a lack of knowledge about cooking.

After considering all the factors above, you may now start looking for what you really need in a deep fryer. You can ask friends or family about their personal experiences when using deep fryers in food trucks (or even in homes).

However, it’s always best to get a different perspective so you can be sure that you’re making the right decision before buying a piece of equipment for your business.

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What equipment do I need?

Fire suppression equipment

Yes, you read that right. You’ll need a fire suppression system when you’re putting a deep fryer in your food truck. Here’s why:

When fats and oils get super hot, they catch fire and give off smoke. If there’s no ventilation system for removing these harmful substances, then not only will it be difficult to breathe inside your food truck, but the whole area will also turn into a very dangerous place to be.

That’s why you need a fire suppression system that will keep your truck clean and safe.

On-board generator

An on-board generator is also a good idea for those who want to have a deep fryer in their food trucks because it’ll allow them to cook more types of foods without having too much of an impact on their businessman. This means that you can run your deep fryer in a truck with minimum electrical power requirements.

The Don’ts of having a deep fryer in a food truck

As much as possible, it’s always advisable to have a deep fryer in your kitchen. But there are some things you need to consider before you actually buy one.

– Don’t buy an oil immersion deep fryer for your food truck. This type of deep fryer is very difficult to use in food trucks. First, they take up too much space. Second, they’re hard to clean (and maintain) because the oil tends to spill over into the machine’s body.

– Don’t put a heavy deep fryer in your truck. If you want to buy a deep fryer for your food truck, make sure that it’s not too heavy and that it can be moved by one person.

– Don’t put a large deep fryer in your food truck if the wind conditions are not favorable. It’s just dangerous!

– Don’t forget about the type of deep fryer you want to buy. Make sure that it’s suitable for a food truck and that it doesn’t take up too much space inside the vehicle.

– If you are going to cook something in a deep fryer while placing it inside the food truck, don’t cook/fry for too long or fry something that’s too large. The oil may spill over and cause a fire inside your vehicle.

– If you are using a deep fryer in food truck, never use any other appliance at the same time. For example, don’t use a blender or a mixer when you have a deep fryer in your truck.

– Don’t forget to clean and maintain the deep fryer every so often. Otherwise, the truck will smell of cooked food.

– Don’t shut truck windows or doors when using a deep fryer. You don’t want to end up smelling like the food that’s being cooked on the device!

– Don’t use a poorly designed, lightweight stand for your deep fryer. Remember, this is one factor that may affect the overall stability of the deep fryer while you are frying or cooking.

– And lastly, Don’t forget about the safety features of the deep fryer. It’s easy to forget these things when you are in a hurry, but it may be the biggest reason

Remember, if you’re going to buy a deep fryer for your food truck, you have to consider all these factors. Do you want an oil immersion deep fryer or a propane-fueled one? How’s the wind condition in your area? What type of deep fryer do you prefer and what is its weight capacity?


So, you can have a deep fryer in a food truck. But only certain types of deep fryers will work for small food trucks. You need to find one that can be stored easily and has the right stability.

So follow these recommendations and cook your favorite food in the food truck.

Happy cooking!

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