Can you broil with a cast-iron skillet?

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Can you broil with a cast-iron skillet?

Can you broil with a cast-iron skillet? You may be wondering if this is possible.

In short, yes! Cast iron skillets are often used for cooking at high temperatures and can withstand it just as well as any other type of cookware. This means that the cast iron will not crack or break from being exposed to extreme heat.

If your cast-iron skillet has a flat bottom surface in addition to its handles and legs, then it’s ready for use in the oven or on top of an open flame. Otherwise, there are some additional steps required before using your pan outside of the kitchen stovetop. 

This blog post answers all your doubts regarding broiling with a cast-iron skillet.

Broiling with a cast-iron skillet – What you should know!

So now you know that it is possible to broil with a cast-iron skillet. It is time to There are a few crucial tips and tricks to remember when broiling with a cast iron pan that you must know before getting started.

Skillet’s bottom surface

The first thing you need to do is check if your skillet has the required flat bottom surface. This will allow it to sit on top of the oven racks without toppling over, which might result in damage to the oven.

Additionally, the flat bottom surface will prevent your food from sticking to the pan while it’s being cooked. Without this feature, you’ll be required to use a lot of cooking oil or spray to keep your food from sticking onto the surface of the pan while being broiled.

Without this flat bottom surface, your cast iron skillet is just another heavy-duty pan that’s good for cooking stews and frying foods. It cannot be used for broiling.

What can I do?

If your cast iron skillet does not have a flat bottom surface, you’ll need to level out its base by cutting a piece of aluminum foil into a square or circle that’s slightly smaller than the bottom surface of the pan.

Legged cast iron skillet

Additionally, if your cast iron skillet does not come with legs for standing it up off the oven surfaces, then you’ll need to find an alternative method to prevent the surfaces of the skillet from burning.

What can I do?

Oven-safe wire cooling racks can be placed inside your skillet to elevate it off of the rack surface.

This, however, will only work if you’re broiling small foods that would fall through the spaces in between the bars of your oven rack. If you’re planning on broiling something larger, you’ll have to buy a cast iron base that would allow you to set your skillet on top of it.


Finally, another thing you need to consider is the absence of a handle to grip your cast iron skillet. This might not be a problem if you have oven mitts or potholders that you can use to grasp the pan’s sides. But if you don’t, then transfer your broiled food from the cast-iron skillet to a plate or bowl before serving, as you’ll have to take the pan from its oven surface and place it over a trivet.

What can I do?

There is a way around this issue though! If your broiled dish isn’t going to be served directly from your cast-iron skillet, then simply wrap a thick towel around the handle for safekeeping.


Another thing you should know when broiling with a cast iron skillet is to preheat. Metal pans work best when they are already hot to the touch before you add your food into them for cooking or broiling. This is because the added heat helps deliver an even cooking temperature.

What can I do?

You’re going to want to preheat your oven before placing your cast-iron skillet inside of it for broiling purposes. This will ensure that when you add in your food, its temperature doesn’t drop drastically before starting to broil it.  

Tips to broil with a cast-iron skillet more efficiently!

1. Use oven mitts or pot holders to grab your cast iron skillet’s handles when transferring it in and out of the oven. This will prevent you from getting burned by touching its hot surface.

2. You can line your broiling pan with aluminum foil to avoid any food particles sticking onto the bottom surface of your cast iron.

3. When broiling in an oven, always use oven-safe cooking utensils like tongs and silicone oven mitts when allowing your cast iron skillet to broil with food inside of it. This will prevent getting burned in the process!  

4. If you have a thin, flat cast-iron skillet that doesn’t come with feet or a handle, you can cut a slice of aluminum foil and roll it up to create a handle.

5. Avoid broiling large pieces of food by cutting them into small pieces that would fit into the surface area of your cast iron skillet.   

6. Make sure to invest in potholders and oven mitts before you start broiling with your cast iron skillet!

Commonly asked questions about broiling in a cast-iron skillet

Is it safe to use the oven to broil with a cast-iron skillet?

Absolutely yes. Just make sure the handle of your cast iron skillet is wrapped in a thick towel that won’t be affected by the oven’s heat or flame.

Can I broil on an electric stovetop with a cast-iron skillet?

The answer would be no, as it can damage your cast iron skillet due to its material composition and also pose a risk of electric shock.

Conclusion – Can you broil with a cast-iron skillet?

In summary, Yes you can broil with a cast-iron skillet!

There are certain factors that may affect the efficiency of your broiling session, but you can easily work around them by using oven mitts or pot holders to hold onto your cast iron pan, preheating it with the oven, and cutting down large foods into smaller pieces before cooking them.

So next time you decide to broil something tasty in the kitchen, make sure to follow these helpful tips to broil more efficiently! Happy cooking!!

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