Can Ritz Crackers Go Bad or Expire? The Answer Might Surprise You

  • By: Emma
  • Date: August 13, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Ritz crackers are a staple snack for many people. They come in individual packages, and often you can find them in the snack aisle at your local grocery store.

Can Ritz Crackers Go Bad or Expire? If you’re like me, then you may be wondering if there is an expiration date for Ritz crackers or if they can go bad over time.

This blog post answers your questions about the expiry of Ritz Crackers and will guide you on how different factors like temperature, humidity, and length of storage affects the quality of Ritz Crackers.

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Can Ritz Crackers Go Bad or Expire?

According to research published in the American Journal of Food Technology, unopened Ritz Crackers remain fresh for 7-9 months inside its high-density polythene packaging. Ritz crackers have low moisture content (2-8%). Unless exposed to atmospheric moisture, Ritz Crackers do not catch mold.

Scientific studies showed crackers packed in high-density polyethylene had good quality and acceptability even after 3-7 months. A study published in 2012 concluded that biscuits stored in high-density polyethylene packaging would have fewer moisture values, lower microbial growth, and decreased free fatty acids content compared to laminate packaging.

Storage period (months)0123
Free fatty acid (hdp)0.50.610.690.73
Moisture content (hdp)
Microbe quality (hdp)01.7×1022×10279×109
Table 1: Can ritz crackers go bad or expire? Comparison of wheat-based crackers storage under high-density polyethylene packaging and laminate packaging (hdp: high-density polythene. lp = laminate packaging). Source: Nagi, H. P. S., Kaur, J., Dar, B. N., & Sharma, S. (2012). Effect of storage period and packaging on the shelf life of cereal bran incorporated biscuits. American Journal of Food Technology7(5), 301-310.

If you take a close look at the package of Ritz crackers, you may see that they have a number stamped into each individual cracker with a letter directly below it to indicate the type of packaging: “L” stands for “loose” and “K” stands for “kraft.”

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Kraft refers to corn starch instead of potato starch used in other Ritz Crackers. The letter below the number next to L or K indicates whether or not that particular package is a single serving size (e.g., L) or larger (e.g., K).

In addition, some of the smaller boxes will read “6 individually wrapped crackers per box” on the bottom left-hand corner of the label instead of just saying 6 CRACKERS.

Can Ritz Crackers go bad or expire? Five tips to enjoy Ritz Crackers better.

What are Ritz Crackers? When do they expire?

Ritz crackers are hard and crunchy cookies typically containing wheat flour, salt, butter, and nut oils. They are traditionally sold in individual packages with an expiration date of “Best by:” followed by a year.

The expiration date on Ritz crackers is the best by date, which is simply the manufacturer’s recommendation for when these should be eaten. The best by dates on Ritz Crackers indicate the freshness of this product as long as it has not been opened or stored incorrectly.

You can look at the label on your box to determine whether or not your package has expired or is still good. If it says “Best By,” then it means the product is suitable for another year after that date (if it’s June 1st), but if it doesn’t say “Best By,” then your product will expire in 6 months from that day (i.e., October 1st).

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How does the temperature affect the taste, nutrition, and chemical properties of Ritz Crackers?

I would advise storing them in a cool location away from direct sunlight. The chemical properties of the food are drastically altered by temperature, so storing them in a cool environment will preserve the taste and nutrition.

Keeping the package sealed will also help to keep out any humidity or air affecting its shelf life. Ritz Crackers can sometimes be found in food pantries or as leftovers from parties hosted at your home.

It’s always a good idea to check expiration dates before purchasing any food products sitting around for a few weeks before eating them.

What other factors affect the quality of Ritz Crackers during storage?

The quality of Ritz crackers is affected by the ingredients and how they are processed. If you have a family member or friend that has been storing their Ritz Crackers for a long time, you may notice changes to their flavor.

Some samples that show these changes include the cracker becoming stale, separating into pieces, and tasting like cardboard. If you want to prolong the life of your Ritz Crackers, ensure that they are stored in an air-tight container and keep them away from sunlight as much as possible.

In addition, make sure not to store them near any other snacks as they can pick up on each other’s flavor, which will ruin their taste.

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Under what conditions can Ritz Crackers go bad or expire?

If you want to store Ritz Crackers at the right temperature, they are best stored in a cool, dry place. If you live in a humid area and find that your Ritz crackers have gotten a little soggy, try placing them on a wire rack with paper towels or paper plates underneath it to absorb any extra moisture.

In addition, keep an eye out for expired or spoiled Ritz Crackers. These can be found easily by looking for signs of mold growth or discoloration of the package. If you notice these changes on your crackers, discard them immediately.

Ritz crackers should not go bad or expire due to humidity or age. They should last for 7-9 months if adequately stored!

How can you keep Ritz Crackers fresh for an extended period of time after opening?

The best way to keep your Ritz crackers fresh for as long as possible after opening them is by storing them in an airtight container.

If you store your crackers in a lidded container, then the humidity won’t escape and will help them stay fresh for a decent amount of time.

If you don’t have any Tupperware or other airtight containers, it’s likely best to throw away the crackers after they go stale. Otherwise, consuming your Ritz crackers within a few days of opening them is best.

The shortest expiration date stamped on the package is 7 days, while the longest is about 1 year. So if you open up your Ritz crackers on day 1 and don’t eat them until day 8, they’ll last until day 9 (7 days), which would be their expiration date stamped on the package.


So, Can Ritz Crackers Go Bad or Expire? Ritz Crackers are a classic product that people of all ages typically enjoy. But, these popular crackers can go wrong or expire if not stored, handled, and consumed adequately.

Make sure that the Ritz Crackers are correctly packed. If opened, try to consume them within 10 days. We hope the guidelines provided in this article will help you enjoy your snacks even better!