Can frozen chips for frying be oven-cooked?

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  • Date: May 19, 2022
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Can frozen chips for frying be oven-cooked?

Oven-baked chips are a healthier alternative to deep frying because no oil is used. There are many brands of frozen oven-ready chips on the market, but can you do it with store-bought frozen chips? This blog post will cover how to cook those chip bags in the oven if you want a healthier option for your family.

So, can frozen chips for frying be oven-cooked? Well, the answer is both yes and no. It depends. Frozen chips can be overcooked if they are deep-fried in oil. On the other hand, they will be cooked very evenly and tasty if fried in an appropriate oil quantity.

But these are not the only causes.; the list is long. Let’s talk about the issues that can lead to the over-cooking of frozen chips and prevent them.

What causes frozen chips for frying to be overcooked?

Now that you know that frozen chips for frying can be overcooked, If you wonder why they are overcooked when you fry them, there are many reasons behind it. Let’s get started!

Quantity of chips

You may not know, but the quantity of chips matters a lot. If you fry a huge amount of frozen chips, the temperature will drop when you add them to the oil. The fall in temperature can cause some fried chips to cook before others, ending with unevenly cooked chips overall.

Thickness of chips

Another reason is the thickness of the chips. For example, chips with a thick piece will be over-cooked because they take longer to cook inside.

Temperature of oil

The oil’s temperature is also very important for the cooking process. If the chips are deep-fried in an excessive amount of oil, they’ll take more time to cook inside. Chips may be overcooked if they are put into hot oil, which can cause an unevenly cooked surface too early.

Time of frying

Believe it or not, people ignore it a lot. The frying is the duration that the chips are in contact with heat. They may take more time to cook inside if they’re fried for too long.

Freshness of chips

One of the reasons frozen chips are overcooked is that they are old or not fresh enough to go into the frying process. Chips that are too fresh need less time to get fried because they’re already boiling. If you fry them for a long period of time, they’ll be burned or overcooked inside.

The manner of frying

The last reason is the manner of frying them. Chips may be overcooked if put together with the already fried chips. Those cooked for a longer period of time can control the temperature, making it harder for fresh chips to cook inside.

Using frozen oil

Another reason for being overcooked is frozen oil used to fry the chips. Frozen oil is less viscous than warm oil, which means that the chips won’t be cooked properly and will be overcooked if kept in oil.

Quality of chips

If you wonder why your frozen chips for frying are getting overcooked, see if they are of good quality or not! If you are using bad-quality frozen chips, they will be overcooked for sure.

Improperly using the air fryer

Frying frozen chips in an air fryer is easy, but not when you don’t know how to use one. If you don’t preheat the air fryer, you’ll have to put your chips in there for a long period of time. Chips will be overcooked this way too.

How to prevent frozen chips from being overcooked?

As mentioned previously, many factors lead to the overcooking of frozen chips. Luckily, there are solutions as well. Let’s see what they are:

Using the right amount of oil

To prevent overcooking, use the right amount of oil. This means not using excessive oil, which will drop the temperature for fresh chips to be cooked well. Also, frying carefully increases the life of the oil.

Cutting thin chips

If you are making your own frozen chips, cutting them thin can prevent them from overcooking. Chips with a thin size have less surface area that needs to be cooked, so they’ll cook faster too.

Warm oil

Another solution is to preheat the oil and, if possible, keep the temperature medium when frying frozen chips. If you are using warm oil, the chips won’t take long to fry and won’t be overdone. If you use a lot of oil, the temperature will drop down and make the chips overcooked if kept in oil for a long period of time.

Check the expiry date

You should also check the date on the package to see if they are still edible or not! You can easily find out if they are stale or not by seeing how crispy they are. Old chips will be crispier because of the oil content, so you’ll know instantly that this is old stock.

Preheat oven

If you are using the oven to fry the frozen chips, preheat the oven to a medium temperature. You can also preheat the oil with the oven, but if you do this for too long, your chips will be overcooked even before you put them in!

Using an air fryer

One of the best ways to prevent frozen chips from overcooking is using an air fryer. If handled properly, air fryers are much more effective in preventing overcooking than frying them with oil, as they fry the chips from all sides.

Besides, an air fryer is more effective than an oven because it uses less energy and takes less time to cook chips. So if you want to enjoy your chips without overcooking them, using an air fryer is the first solution you should implement.


In summary, yes, frozen chips for frying can be overcooked if mishandled. However, handling them properly isn’t that hard if you know the right techniques. Using an air fryer is much more effective than any other method in preventing frozen chips from being overcooked.

So, follow these tips and tricks and enjoy your chips without worrying about overcooking them!

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